Masai Mara

The migration:

From May thru September the migration across the Masai Mara takes place. This is when millions of wildebeest and zebras move towards the Serengeti in Tanzania. The crowning event is the crossing when the herds cross the Mara river into Tanzania, and where the crocodiles are waiting for easy pickings. If this strikes your fancy, plan your safari around August September, but be prepared for a lot of company.

The Masai people:

In many ways the Masai people still live the way they have been for centuries and maintain their traditions and rituals. There are several villages around the Masai Mara reserve where visitors can not only meet with them but also witness some of these traditions and rituals.

Elephants of Amboseli

Amboseli is famous for its herds of giant African elephants. In addition to their size and height, the most striking features are their huge ears and tusks. Although they can be found in different places across Amboseli, the best times are when they head out to the watering holes in the mornings. That sight is perhaps rivalled only by their drinking, bathing and playing in the water.

Birds at Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is teeming with birds, sometimes as many a few hundred on just one tree. The lake is filled with trees looming out of the water. A slow boat ride meandering through them brings you ever so close to a variety of species of waterfowl as well as land dwellers. An added bonus is the families of hippos that lounge around half submerged and the waterbuck who are constantly busy grazing in the shallows.

The balloon ride (Luxury Safari add on)

If the mood strikes you, you can experience a balloon safari and get some spectacular views of the game reserve landscapes. With herds of animals, unending flocks of birds in flight, and if you are lucky, maybe even a hunt or a kill.

The Big 5

Lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo and rhinoceros. These are the Big 5 of African wildlife and most safari goers and adventurers go in the hope of seeing all five. Although nothing can be promised, a thorough knowledge about the animals goes a long way towards finding all five. With a little luck and alertness one even chances upon a hunt. A kill is rare, but it happens.